2004 - 2018: OVER A DECADE OF +1

+1 opened its doors in January 2004 with an extremely effective ability to break new artists. At the time, we were the first company to combine Management and Public Relations into one strategy. Since that time, the music industry has evolved, and so have we along with it.

As promotional platforms shifted from print publicity to blogs, social media, and new technologies, we created new services to capture these opportunities, release content, and to grow and engage a fan­base. In 2005 we began partnering with brands by creating marketing programs and producing special events centered around promoting artists. In 2007 we created a Direct­To­Fan Online Marketing platform that captured the data needed for artists to find, connect and grow their fanbase. And in 2008, we launched our label, +1 Records.

Today, +1 has evolved into two distinct entities – a Record Label and a Management company. In addition, we have formed strategic partnerships for each company, giving us additional resources.

And while +1 grew in to what it is today, our philosophy has always remained the same: work with artists we believe in and forge new paths to help them achieve their goals. We utilize our knowledge, experience and relationships each and every day with this purpose in mind.

Here’s to a decade of bridging the gaps in the music industry and working with artists we love…